NEW 2599 Wireless SOS Call Button

2599 Wireless SOS Call Button Compatibility
Our most versatile emergency call button yet!

An emergency button that could be used for homes, companies, shopping malls, hospitals, independent living, banks and other places that need to observe security or emergency precautions.

  • Simple, one button operation.
  • Lightweight & portable - suits a wide range of applications.
  • Reassurance LED illuminates button when pressed.
  • Mounting plate included for installing in a fixed position.

pdf icon Download our PDF brochure or view on our website for full specifications.

3502 Wireless Handset Updated

3502 Wireless Handset Compatibility

We've updated our Wireless Handset to now include an integrated cancel* button.

3502 Wireless Handset main features:

  • Green Cancel button resets alarm*
  • Large, red rubber call button for easy use by elderly patients
  • Reassurance LED when transmission is sent
  • Comes with clip cord for securing to bed or chair
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Mounting bracket included for when handset is not in use

pdf icon Download our PDF brochure or view on our website for full specifications.

* Please note that the Cancel Alarm functionality is not present when the Handset is paired with the 2544 or 2549.

New Instructional Video for SeizureAlert

SeizureAlert video

Our new instructional video covers the setup and basic operation of the 3010 SeizureAlert Monitor with the 3501 ActiveCare Pager.

NEW - 2670 PreAlert Cordless Bed Pad

2670 PreAlert CordlessThis Bed Pad is uniquely different from any other Bed Pad available today. It gives an early warning when a patient / resident sits or rolls to the edge of the bed, providing a caregiver more time to prevent a potential fall. In addition the pad has a delay zone in the centre area to help minimise false alarms. 

Cordless PreAlert Bed Pad 15 Months

  • 15 month warranty
  • Includes Transmitter
  • Dimensions 760 x 255 mm
  • Provides early warning when a patient / resident moves onto the edge of the bed
  • Multi-zone detection design with options for single side or both sides sensing
  • Centre delay zone to help prevent false alarms
  • Easy to clean non-allergenic soft PVC
  • Vent holes in the neck reduce the risk of moisture ingress
  • Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 40 - 200 kg
  • Works with any current cura1 cordless device

Learn to Use Our Products the Easy Way With Instructional Videos

video screenshot

A picture is worth a thousand words! Sometimes a 2 minute video is all you need to get started. These videos are also an excellent resource for end-users who might have trouble locating their Quickstart Guide or who are more comfortable with a video demonstrations over written instructions.

We have instructional videos for our most popular products and we are adding new videos all the time. Click here to browse our Instructional Videos.

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”

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